Workshop presentation techniques for human resources developer

Presenting result-oriented is one of the key skills of each human resources developer. In our workshop presentation techniques for human resources developer, you are going to develop the tools for successful presentations. This tailor-made training refers to the needs and situations of internal training managers. Based on real problems, the participants of this workshop will develop their concepts and apply the learnt presentation techniques.
You will learn various elements and presentation techniques and you will apply these directly to your current issues. You will familiarize with both, the concept and presentation. You will learn tips and tricks for applicable concepts.

Expand your competence in three areas:

  • Functional: You work exclusively on practical examples from self-improvement and human resources development
  • Methodically: You learn and deepen your knowledge in the techniques of moderation and you create concepts that can be implemented immediately
  • Social: optimize your personal appearance in front of groups and refine your sense of internal politics and tactics

 Subscribe now, for the 3-day workshop in April 11th-13th, 2016.

The workshop will  be held in our Geigerhaus at Stuhlfelden/Austria. For registration please e-mail to
If you would like to have the workshop set up in your company, please contact us