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Working together effectively in a multi cultural environment

Fit in India – successful business relationships

The benefits:

India is a country characterised by great cultural diversity. There are many strong ties binding Indian society; primarily, Hinduism and the remnants of the caste system. Due to the strong impact that religious and cultural patterns have on all aspects of Indian life, it is crucial to know of these things in order to succeed in India.


  • Paternalistic and task-oriented leadership as the traditional Indian style of leading others
  • Status consciousness and the tendency to form hierarchies
  • The perception of time as a potential source of conflict
  • Relationship building: how to become a member of an Indian “In-Group”
  • The creative blend of cultures, traditions, religions, races and languages
  • Working practices in business contexts

Who should attend:

  • HR managers
  • Executives
  • Directors
  • Managers
  • Working staff