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Listening to your customers and employees to create sustainable relationship

360°feedback: content of the online feedback tool

Change International Ltd. supports you in developing, executing and/or evaluating your multi-lingual tools and surveys.

The effects:

This process ensures absolute respondent anonymity and confidentiality for the feedback. Each rater supports the ratee/feedback receiver in the following ways:

  • Through this high quality information you support people and encourage their continued improvement and motivate behaviour change.
  • You support the person to choose important areas and actions for further development.
  • You provide a picture of were differences may lay between self-perception and the perception of others. Through this he/she may estimate him-/herself more realistically.
  • You help to find out, how you think about his/her every day behaviour in different working settings.

The concept:

Each participant receives a 360°Feedback. To insure anonymity, the results of the feedback giver-groups (colleagues, clients and employees) are exclusively presented as a group result.

The feedback report:

In accordance to the relevant leadership competences leading your company to success, each leader receives an individual feedback report in a previously determined language.

  • The report contains the following elements
    • Coversheet including the name of the feedback receiver
    • Introduction to the content of the report, the defined competences and the number of feedback providers
    • A one page “overview” will show the average score of the dimensions in the survey, while differentiating the diverse feedback provider groups
    • Possible gaps between feedback provider and – receiver regarding each competence
    • Comparison between individual average rate and the rates of other feedback receivers
    • Importance and perception of all competences from the point of view of the feedback giver groups
    • Numerical and graphical overview regarding importance and perception
    • Questionnaire part for open comments
    • Guiding questions for an individual development plan about perceived strengths and areas for improvement
    • Attachment with items and relevant competences
  • To increase the sustainability of the evaluation system about perceived changes, average scores may be compared in a second feedback turn after one or two years.