It has almost become an almost universal statement that organisations can only survive if they learn faster than their competitors. This challenge requires a shift from a Quick-fix mentality towards implementing a lasting infrastructure for continuous change. Instruments such as large group interventions or systems such as Management by objectives (MbO) or Continuous Improvement Processes (Kaizen) can assist in designing that architecture within organisations. Change International Ltd. helps clients through development projects, to create an environment which encourages change, and tackles real issues within the organisation. We recognise the need for balance between existing culture and the need for change, while supporting the momentum for this new infrastructure. We support our clients throughout this process until they are in a position to sustain their own further development. A good leader is not only a ’time-teller’ but also a ’clockbuilder’. They leave the organisation with a sustainable management system that can operate itself and also build new traditions


How we helped clients achieve their goals by implementing:

  • a continuous improvement process in a production environment as well as a service centre
  • management by objective systems
  • a balanced scorecard
  • 360° feedback systems
  • training needs analysis and evaluation systems
  • employee opinion surveys
  • assessment-, appraisal systems
  • IT-systems
  • customer focus systems

Examples: Steps to implement an MBO-System


  • Do the projects which we carry out contribute to the implementation of the strategic goals?
  • What are we currently doing to improve the learning capacity of the organisation?
  • Do we have processes in place that provide clear communication about the vision and strategy of the company?
  • Does the company know what the opinions, concerns and questions of their employees are?
  • How do you make sure that staff are able to contribute their ideas?
  • What are the critical success factors of the company?
  • What are the strategic goals?
  • What behaviour should be fostered?
  • How can we describe the corporate climate?
  • What are the unwritten rules of the company?
  • Are there any rituals in place?
  • Do Senior Management buy in to the instruments or systems?
  • Is there visible commitment?