More than 25 years of experience in human resource and organisational development have made us specialists in international training & consulting.

We have collected some tried and tested tools, ideas and concepts to inspire you to develop your own company and workforce to be even more successful in the globalised economy. We will provide the concepts plus much more; practical and comprehensive support aimed to support you in rolling out your ideas in all languages across the globe.

About our Services:

  • Our services range from seminars, workshops and training to consultancy and coaching.
  • We can deliver services in-house or as open programmes.
  • The duration of the seminars depends on your specific requirements and goals.
  • The contents, as described in the following pages, can easily be tailored to your needs.
  • All seminars may be rolled out in different countries as well as in different languages.
  • CI-L has a worldwide network of some 300 qualified trainers, consultants and coaches.


  • All seminars, trainings and programmes are characterised by being extremely practical.
  • We take a multi-stream approach drawing from theory input, reflection, case studies, business topics as well as action learning.
  • We employ a wide range of instruments to achieve client orientated aims: covering personality/behaviour (e.g. Adaptability Index®, MBTI Step I and Step II®, Team-Preferences®, Multirater 360°-feedback, DISG-Team Performance Indicator®, Firo-B®, OCI®, COI®, Career Anchor®, Learning River®, Kaleidoscope®, Learning Styles®). This ensures an intensive approach based on reflection and learning