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How to prepare your company to expand into foreign markets & how to be successful in other countries

Where and how to reintegrate your expatriates and repatriates

The benefits:

Often upon returning home expatriates feel unsettled, disoriented, and unfulfilled with their current employer. They can find it difficult to identify with their new environment and colleagues. We provide the organisation, HR and the expats with training, counsel and guidance as well as the means to harness skills and experience the expats have learnt whilst overseas. In addition to the above, keeping the expats’ motivation high will help them ease back into their environment.


  • Adjusting to the old lifestyle and the organisational culture
  • Finding ways to apply the expats’ new experiences and skills in the organisation
  • Creating similar conditions to those overseas: opportunities to develop and create, ownership, autonomy and flexibility
  • Ensuring integration by updating expats’ knowledge of latest developments

Who should attend:

  • Expatriates
  • HR


As needed