Who are we?

Change International Ltd. is a professional consultancy which provides their clients with state-of-the-art integrated solutions in the field of Human Resource and Organisational Development. We design and deliver bespoke programmes to exact client specifications. The platforms we deliver vary depending on client needs and requirements.


We design and support the learning process, enabling your company to learn in a faster and more flexible manner in order to attain the competitive advantage and adaptability necessary in a modern business context.


We provide a direct link from the learning phase to performance through diagnostic, implementation and evaluation techniques. What gets measured gets done.


We are totally familiar with the architecture necessary to facilitate and expedite a change process through individuals within any organisational context.



Black Book: Feedback Systems. Why many feedbacks don’t work and what to do about it. Get your free copy now!

You, as an HR professional, or a leader caring for your team, know how crucial getting feedback is. You might be considering or already have adopted a feedback system in your company. Are you more than just a “user”? Can you say that you are a successful “achiever”?

Improve your feedback system and avoid the most common mistakes.

Feedback systems such as Employee surveys and 360° feedbacks can do a lot, provided they are properly designed and applied. The newly released “Black Book Feedback Systems” helps you to avoid the 20 + 1 most common mistakes in designing and handling such systems.

The book contains easy-to-use guides and hands-on case studies to help you design and optimize your feedback system.

What is more, this practitioners’ guide gives you free access to the first of its kind online self-assessment tool. Answer the questions and receive an immediate free report which analyzes the quality of your feedback system in detail. The report indicates where you might have gaps in your feedback processes or which flaws discussed in the book are present in your system.

Get a free copy here.

How do you manage the shift to an agile mindset? Check out the video!

Explore how digital tools can upgrade problems to solutions – watch our latest video that presents the Sprint4Results approach.

Change International has developed this programme to provide you with the efficient experience for agile mindset change in your organisation.

Nowadays agility is not just a buzzword, but an essential methodology to keep the company on course for success even in an increasingly unpredictable future. How to steer the mindset to that direction? By following the agile thinking and lean start-up formula, we are transferring this methodology to help you identify, tackle and resolve any challenge that your organisation may be facing.

How this can happen within just a day was presented during the first Hackathon for HRD and OD that took place on May 30th 2018 in the Mindspace co-working space in Berlin.
It gathered 15 professionals who together created an app prototype within a just a day following the agile thinking approach.
By brainstorming, creating drafts, testing them and getting feedback, the participants together with the developers and designers developed a basic prototype for the app “Meeting Feedback”. ​

Stay tuned to learn when the second Hackathon for HRD and OD will take place.

Learn more about the Sprint4Resutls approach at: http://www.sprint4results.com/en/




Worldwide support in HRD/OD

We are offering consultations and trainings in more than 50+ countries in 6 continents. Change International’s growing network of international like-minded associates GLOPEDEA has considerable experience in working within a multi-cultural environment on development programs in throughout Europe and worldwide.

Our ability to offer local trainings and the local languages, is a guarantee for your success.We design and deliver bespoke programmes to exact your client and culture specifications. The platforms for delivery can vary depending on your needs and requirements.

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Welcome to the Geigerhaus

We will be happy to provide you with a complete package for workshops, conferences, outdoor programs, seminars and team formations incl. Trainer / Presenter, lodging and food in the Geigerhouse.