We design and deliver bespoke programmes to exact client specifications. The platforms for delivery can vary depending on client needs and requirements.


Strategy is about choice. Once you are clear about your mission, vision and goals, the important question is: how do you want to achieve these? If you have no choice – you don‘t need a strategy. We work out with you what options are available and contribute our wealth of experience in different countries and sectors. We also help you to design a communication plan that really assures commitment from your people. Link


People make the difference! However, people are different and everybody has strengths and weaknesses. We believe that it is most rewarding to work on one’s strengths. Change International Ltd. helps its clients to bring out the best in their people. We don‘t believe insimulations but favour the action learning approach: Developing people through working on real-life projects which also create a tangible and measurable impact on the organisation. Through instruments like 360° feedback we pinpoint focused training and development needs and also monitor the changes in behaviour. This is why various companies ask us to run their international management development programmes. Link


Organisations are constantly looking for new ways of achieving their strategic goals in increasingly competitive markets. We believe that it is mostly the individuals ideas, skills and knowledge that enables an organisation to create market value in this environment. Consequently, HR becomes a key factor for success. In order to contribute effectively to this challenge, HR needs to break out of conventional thinking and find new ideas to energise and develop the resourceful individuals in the organisation. Change International Ltd. has provided HRD Professionals with best practice models to do this. Innovative concepts such as the Balanced Scorecard approach or info-markets were used by some of our clients to support important change processes. When our clients need an independent overview or some input to develop ideas, we can facilitate this process, leaving them in a position to return to their team to implement those ideas themselves. We participate at international conferences to learn more about innovations in our field. We also have a regular exchange of ideas with our partner consultancies world-wide. Link


When there is intense interaction focusing on the operating metrics of today‘s businesses many positive spin-offs occur which are necessary for sustainable strategy implementation.The capacity to plan, organise, administer and motivate along with effective and open communication systems are operational imperatives which ensure the journey from concept to concrete real-time action. Change International Ltd. knows this route intimately and is able to provide an illuminated roadmap to help you reach your desired destination. We guide you through the whole process or alternatively alleviate any bottlenecks enroute. Communication techniques, management development, systems management and interpersonal skills are all pre-requisite tools needed for success. We enable and empower organisations to take the steps necessary to put the visibility factor into the corporate vision. Link


At the end of the day, it‘s results that count. What gets measured gets done. But how do you get results? You need smart processes and products. It is always people that invent and optimise processes and products. A lot can be done through training and development – but there are many reasons that might stop people from being effective. Change International Ltd. uses the whole spectrum of performance improvement instruments not only to get the right diagnosis but also to identify and implement actions that focus on results. Therefor our core philosphy is: Helping you to achieve your goals. Link


It has almost become an almost universal statement that organisations can only survive if they learn faster than their competitors. This challenge requires a shift from a Quick-fix mentality towards implementing a lasting infrastructure for continuous change. Instruments such as large group interventions or systems such as Management by objectives (MbO) or Continuous Improvement Processes (Kaizen) can assist in designing that architecture within organisations. Change International Ltd. helps clients through development projects, to create an environment which encourages change, and tackles real issues within the organisation. We recognise the need for balance between existing culture and the need for change, while supporting the momentum for this new infrastructure. We support our clients throughout this process until they are in a position to sustain their own further development. A good leader is not only a ’time-teller’ but also a ’clockbuilder’. They leave the organisation with a sustainable management system that can operate itself and also build new traditions. Link


Organisations are made up of people working together to achieve a shared vision. Since individuals are required to work in groups, considerable attention is focused on Team Building. Team Building can be applied within groups or at the inter-group level where activities are interdependent. Typical team-building activities include goal setting, development of interpersonal relations among team members, role analysis as well as team process analysis. Team building may emphasise or exclude certain activities, depending on the purpose of the development effort and the specifi c problems the team is confronted with. Change International Ltd. uses a unique facilitation methodology and best-practice instruments such as MBTI©, team preferences and Interest Inventories. This ensures that high interaction is a residual benefit and that there is an ensuing increase in communication, openness and ultimately trust. Link