Change International Ltd. is a professional Consultancy who provides their clients with state-of-the-art integrated solutions in the field of Human Resource and Organisational Development.

We design and deliver bespoke programmes to exact client specifications. The platforms for delivery can vary depending on client needs and requirements.

Change International Ltd. has a reputation for working with real opportunities for learning on numerous projects in different sectors. We help our clients to achieve their goals through pragmatic approaches. The modern organisation is a learning environment and we facilitate the optimisation of this learning process. We design and support the learning process, enabling your company to learn in a faster and more flexible manner in order to attain the competitive advantage and adaptability necessary in a modern business context. We achieve this by providing a direct link from the learning phase to performance through diagnostic, implementation and evaluation techniques. What gets measured gets done.

Change International Ltd. is totally familiar with the architecture necessary to facilitate and expedite a change process through individuals within any organisational context. Capitalising on its growing network of international like-minded associates, Change International Ltd. has considerable experience in working within a multi-cultural environment on development programmes in Ireland and throughout Europe. Change International’s headquarters are situated in Dublin, Ireland.